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BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ - 2.5 Quart - Shrubs | ToGoGarden
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(2.5 Quart)

(Buddlejaceae Buddleia Davidii Attraction)

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Light needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Light Needs

Full / Mostly Sun

Water needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Water Needs


Water needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Average Landscape Size

5' to 6' tall and 3' to 4' wide.

Water needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Level Of Care

Average, Low

Water needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Season of Color

Summer Blooms, Fall Blooms

Water needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Resistant To

Water needs for BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’
Landscape Uses

Mass Planting, Border / Edger, Background, Outdoor Living Areas, Accent, Landscape Beds, Entryway, Small Groups, Median Strips, Mailbox Plant, Perennial Garden

Grows In Zones 5A to 9B
(the highlighted area below)

BUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 5ABUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 5BBUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 6ABUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 6BBUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 7ABUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 7BBUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 8ABUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 8BBUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 9ABUDDLEIA ’ATTRACTIN’ grows well in zone 9B