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Persimmon Tree Varieties Information Sheet

Need help choosing the right varieties of Persimmon Trees?

Use the Persimmon Tree Information Sheet below to choose the right varieties for your USDA Zone, to determine wether a pollinator is required, to extend the growing season by selecting early, mid and late season producers, to suite your sweet tooth, and for uses.

RIPENS:   E = Early Season  /  M = Mid Season  /  L = Late Season

USES:   C = Commercial  /  = Fresh Market  /  H = Home  /  J = Jelly, Jams, Preserves  /  Jc = Juice 

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Persimmon Variety USDA Zone» Chill Hours» Pollinators Taste Ripening Season Uses
Fuyu             8a-11          100-200 Self  Sweet                    M-L  C, F, H, J
Hana Fuyu             6b-9b          100-200 Self  Sweet                      L  C, F, H, J
Jiro             6b-9b          100-200 Self  Sweet                    M-L  C, F, H, J
Matsumoto             6a-9b          100-200 Self  Sweet                    M-L  C, F, H, J
Tanenashi             7a-9b          100-200 Self  Sweet                    M-L  C, F, H, J
American Persimmon             5a-9b          100-200 Self Sweet                      M J


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