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Muscadine Varieties

Need help choosing the right varieties of Muscadines?

Use the data table below to help you select the muscadine varieties that are the most well-suited to grow in your garden, and of course - produce the most fruit! This includes information regarding the specific 'Color' characteristics of the muscadines listed, as well as their recommended 'USDA Hardiness Zone', whether a 'Pollinator' is required for fertilization/fruiting, typical 'Ripening Period', 'Soluble Sugar' content, and maybe most important - the best 'Uses' for each variety listed - based on the overall physical characteristics of that variety (flavor/sugar%, texture, color, etc.). Use the 'Key" located at the top of the data table to determine the best 'Uses' for each muscadine variety. Choose a combination of Early-Mid-Late (ripening) varieties, and extend your muscadine harvest season! Keep in mind that many muscadine varieties require a separate 'Pollinator' for fertilization/fruiting. So, the more companion varieties you have growing in your garden - the better!

Pollinators = Plant variety/cultivar that is known to be effective at cross-pollinating with other varieties/cultivars (cross-fertilization).


Pollinator Required? - Yes = Female that requires a pollinator   /   No = Self-fertile (male and femal on same plant)

Uses:   C = Commercial  /  H = Home  /  F = Fresh Market   /  JL = Jelly  /  JU = Juice  /  O = Ornamental  /  P =  U-Pick  /  W = Wine

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Muscadine Variety Information Sheet

Muscadine Variety USDA Zones» Pollinator Required Ripens Fruit Size Fruit (Skin) Color Soluble Sugar  % Uses
Alachua 8a-10 No Mid Medium Purple-Black 17-18% C, F, H
Albermarle 8a-10 No Mid Medium Black 17.5-18.5% F, H, JL, JU
Black Fry 7b-10 Yes Early-Mid Large Black 17-18% C, H, F, J, P
Bountiful 8a-10 No Late Small Black 17-18% F
Carlos 7a-10 No Mid Small Bronze 15-16% C, JL, JU, W
Cowart 7b-10 No Mid Medium Purple-Black 16-17% C,H, F, W
Doreen 8a-10 No Late Small Bronze 17-18%  JL, JU, Wine
Eudora 8a-10 Yes Mid Med/Large Bronze 20%+ F
Fry 8a-10 Yes Early-Mid Large Bronze 20% F, H, P
Higgins 8a-10 Yes Mid-Late Lage Red-Bronze 15-16% F, H, P, W
Hunt 8a-10 Yes Early-Mid Med/Large Black 17% F, H, JL, JU
Jumbo 8a-10 Yes Late Lg/V.Large Purple-Black 15-16% F, JL, JU, W
Lane 8b-10 No Early Large Black 20%+ F
Loomis 7b-10 Yes Late Medium Red 22% F, H
Magnolia 7a-10 No Mid Sm/Medium Bronze-White 16-17% F, H, JL, JU, W
Nesbitt 8a-10 No Mid-Late Large Purple-Black 16.5-17.5% F, H, P
Noble 7b-10 No Early-Mid Small Purple-Black 15-16% JU, W
Regale 7a-10 No Mid Medium Purple 15-16% JU, W
Roanoke 8b-10 No Early-Mid Medium Bronze 16-17% H
Scarlett 8a-10 Yes Mid Very Large Red 17.5-18.5% C, F, J, H, P
Scuppernong 8a-10 Yes Mid-Late Medium Bronze 16-17% F, JL, JU, W
Southern Home 8a-10 No Mid Medium Purple-Black 17.5-18.5% H
Southland 8b-10 No Mid-Late Sm/Large Black 17-18% C, F, H, JL, JU
Sterling 7a-10 No Mid Sm/Medium Bronze 16-17% JL, JU, W
Summit 8b-10 Yes Early-Mid Med/Large Red-Bronze 17-18% F, JL, JU, P
Supreme 8a-10 Yes Mid Very Large Dark Purple-Red 22.5% C, F, H
Tara 8a-10 No Early Large Bronze 16.5-17.5% C, F, H
Triumph 8b-10 No Early Med/Large Pink-Bronze 17-18% F, H
Welder 8b-10 No Mid-Late Small Bronze 18-19% JU, W
Yuga 8b-10 No Late Medium Red-Bronze 18-19% F, H


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