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ToGoGarden Mission Statement

Since 1989, we've done things a bit differently at our nursery: ToGoGarden does business the Old-fashioned American Way.

Our company motto is:

There is less to fear from outside competition than from inside inefficiency...and we live and operate by it. 

Here's what you can expect from ToGoGarden...

NO GIMMICKS - Only REALITY from ToGoGarden!

There is nothing we dislike more than gimmicks and tricks. When browsing around the Internet looking at our "competition," we see too many online companies using tricks to deceive people. One such trick is the FREE SHIPPING gimmick, which is designed to deceive and take advantage of your desire to save money but which actually takes more of your money! Don't believe it? Click here to discover the myth of "free shipping" and find out how you can save big in the future by avoiding this gimmick, and why ToGoGarden vows to never use it!

NO LIES  - Only the Honest Truth on ToGoGarden!

ToGoGarden strives to provide only the most accurate information about the plants and products we sell. Unlike many other online stores who use misleading or inaccurate content to decieve you into buying a plant or product, what you read on ToGoGarden is accurate. All of the plant information you find on ToGoGarden is provided by our staff of seasoned experts, several having been hands-on involved in the field of horticultural for over 30 years. If you find even the tiniest of errors in any content on ToGoGarden, please contact us so we can make the necessary corrections.

NO SUBSTANDARD QUALITY - Only the Highest Quality from ToGoGarden

As it has been doing since 1989, ToGoGarden offers only the highest quality, retail nursery-grade plants and products on the market, GUARANTEED. We ship the same plants and products nationwide that we offer to the customers who shop at our land-based location in McDonough, Georgia (just south of Atlanta). With the exception of fruit trees, some of which we ship bare root, all of our plants are fully-rooted in their containers or pots. See what our customers are saying in their reviews of ToGoGarden on Dave’s Garden Watchdog

If your plants were damaged during transit or for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality of a plant(s) that we have shipped to you, please contact us immediately. We are all about satisfying our customers!


It is our mission to offer the highest-quality plants and products available on the market at reasonable, industry-standard prices, GUARANTEED. We price our plants at a reasonable markup that provides a living for those on staff, and then we let a FedEx calculator determine the real shipping charges. If we determine that the shipping charge provided by the calculator is more than is necessary to ship the plants we make adjustments as necessary to ensure you are paying the actual freight cost. At ToGoGarden, you get what you pay for, and many of our customers write or call to tell us they got way more than they had expected. Only way you'll know is to try us out! 


At ToGoGarden, not only have we built our reputation on shipping the highest quality plants and other products, we gently pack every plant using the highest level of packaging products and methods available to ensure your plants arrive safely and in good condition. See how ToGoGarden packages and ship plants

See what our customers are saying about ToGoGarden on Dave’s Garden Watchdog

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Sunshine Ligustrum - 2.5 Quart
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Miss Lemon Abelia - 2.5 Quart
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