All Product Categories

Below is a complete listing of all Gardener Direct product categories:

Flowering VinesFlowering Vines
Shrubs for Spring ColorShrubs for Spring Color
Evergreen VinesEvergreen Vines
Flowering TreesFlowering Trees
Shrubs for Summer ColorShrubs for Summer Color
Evergreen TreesEvergreen Trees
Shrubs for Fall ColorShrubs for Fall Color
Sun Loving VinesSun Loving Vines
Fast Growing TreesFast Growing Trees
Shade Loving VinesShade Loving Vines
Shrubs for Winter ColorShrubs for Winter Color
Sun Loving Groundcover PlantsSun Loving Groundcover Plants
Flowering ShrubsFlowering Shrubs
Shade Loving Groundcover PlantsShade Loving Groundcover Plants
Sun Loving TreesSun Loving Trees
Vines for Part ShadeVines for Part Shade
Flowering Groundcover PlantsFlowering Groundcover Plants
Long Blooming ShrubsLong Blooming Shrubs
Long Blooming VinesLong Blooming Vines
Perennials for Spring ColorPerennials for Spring Color
Shade Loving TreesShade Loving Trees
Fast Growing VinesFast Growing Vines
Fast Spreading Groundcover PlantsFast Spreading Groundcover Plants
Fragrant & Scented ShrubsFragrant & Scented Shrubs
Perennials for Summer ColorPerennials for Summer Color
Privacy TreesPrivacy Trees
Evergreen Groundcover PlantsEvergreen Groundcover Plants
Fast Growing ShrubsFast Growing Shrubs
Long Blooming TreesLong Blooming Trees
Perennials for Fall ColorPerennials for Fall Color
Vines for Spring ColorVines for Spring Color
Hedge or Screen ShrubsHedge or Screen Shrubs
Low Maintenance Groundcover PlantsLow Maintenance Groundcover Plants
Perennials for Winter ColorPerennials for Winter Color
Sun Loving ShrubsSun Loving Shrubs
Trees for Spring ColorTrees for Spring Color
Vines for Summer ColorVines for Summer Color
Groundcover Plants For Under Shade TreesGroundcover Plants For Under Shade Trees
Long Blooming PerennialsLong Blooming Perennials
Shade Loving ShrubsShade Loving Shrubs
Trees for Summer ColorTrees for Summer Color
Vines for Fall ColorVines for Fall Color
Evergreen ShrubsEvergreen Shrubs
Perennials for Attracting ButterfliesPerennials for Attracting Butterflies
Trees for Fall ColorTrees for Fall Color
Vines for Winter ColorVines for Winter Color
Xeriscape Groundcover PlantsXeriscape Groundcover Plants
 Long Blooming Groundcover Plants Long Blooming Groundcover Plants
Butterfly Attracting VinesButterfly Attracting Vines
Deer Resistant ShrubsDeer Resistant Shrubs
Perennials for Attracting HummingbirdsPerennials for Attracting Hummingbirds
Trees for Winter ColorTrees for Winter Color
Butterfly Attracting ShrubsButterfly Attracting Shrubs
Fragrant TreesFragrant Trees
Groundcover Plants For Small Areas And BordersGroundcover Plants For Small Areas And Borders
Hummingbird Attracting VinesHummingbird Attracting Vines
Shade Loving PerennialsShade Loving Perennials
Sun Loving PerennialsSun Loving Perennials
 Large Area Covering Groundcover Plants Large Area Covering Groundcover Plants
Deer Resistant TreesDeer Resistant Trees
Fragrant & Scented PerennialsFragrant & Scented Perennials
Fragrant VinesFragrant Vines
Hummingbird Attracting ShrubsHummingbird Attracting Shrubs
Gap And Crevice Filling Groundcover PlantsGap And Crevice Filling Groundcover Plants
Low Maintenance ShrubsLow Maintenance Shrubs
Low Maintenance TreesLow Maintenance Trees
Perennials for Cut Flowers & FoliagePerennials for Cut Flowers & Foliage
Vines For Arbors & FencesVines For Arbors & Fences
Blueberry Bushes - RabbiteyeBlueberry Bushes - Rabbiteye
Columnar & Narrow TreesColumnar & Narrow Trees
Deer Resistant Groundcover PlantsDeer Resistant Groundcover Plants
Deer Resistant PerennialsDeer Resistant Perennials
Mailbox & Post VinesMailbox & Post Vines
Scrambling VinesScrambling Vines
Self-Clinging VinesSelf-Clinging Vines
Shrubs for Xeriscapes & Drought ToleranceShrubs for Xeriscapes & Drought Tolerance
Twining VinesTwining Vines
Xeriscape And Drought Tolerant VinesXeriscape And Drought Tolerant Vines
Edible & Fruiting VinesEdible & Fruiting Vines
Encore Azalea CollectionEncore Azalea Collection
Groundcover Plants For Erosion ControlGroundcover Plants For Erosion Control
Shrubs for Cut or Dried FlowersShrubs for Cut or Dried Flowers
Trees For XeriscapingTrees For Xeriscaping
Xeriscaping / Drought Tolerant PerennialsXeriscaping / Drought Tolerant Perennials
 Moisture Loving Groundcover Plants Moisture Loving Groundcover Plants
Deer Resistant VinesDeer Resistant Vines
Espalier TreesEspalier Trees
Moisture Loving And Bog PerennialsMoisture Loving And Bog Perennials
Shrubs for EspalierShrubs for Espalier
Southern Living Plant CollectionSouthern Living Plant Collection
Berry Producing ShrubsBerry Producing Shrubs
Columnar & Narrow ShrubsColumnar & Narrow Shrubs
Evergreen PerennialsEvergreen Perennials
Groundcovering VinesGroundcovering Vines
Home Foundation ShrubsHome Foundation Shrubs
Lawn Substitute Groundcover Plants Lawn Substitute Groundcover Plants
Low Maintenance VinesLow Maintenance Vines
Perennial GrassesPerennial Grasses
Perennials For A Tropical LookPerennials For A Tropical Look
Perennials for Cottage GardensPerennials for Cottage Gardens
Perennials for Groundcover or CrevicesPerennials for Groundcover or Crevices
Shade TreesShade Trees
Trees for Container GardensTrees for Container Gardens
Unique & Unusual ShrubsUnique & Unusual Shrubs
Variegated ShrubsVariegated Shrubs
Aquatic & Bog PlantsAquatic & Bog Plants
Bamboo ProductsBamboo Products
Bamboo Root BarrierBamboo Root Barrier
Best SellingBest Selling
Blueberry BushesBlueberry Bushes
Boxwood ShrubsBoxwood Shrubs
Climbing RosesClimbing Roses
Delosperma - Ice PlantDelosperma - Ice Plant
Delta Crape Myrtle SeriesDelta Crape Myrtle Series
Drift Groundcover Rose SeriesDrift Groundcover Rose Series
Dwarf Drift RosesDwarf Drift Roses
Early Bird Crape Myrtle SeriesEarly Bird Crape Myrtle Series
Encore AzaleasEncore Azaleas
Endless Summer Hydrangea SeriesEndless Summer Hydrangea Series
Fauriei Hybrid Indian Crape Myrtle SeriesFauriei Hybrid Indian Crape Myrtle Series
Featured PlantsFeatured Plants
Fruit Bushes & Berry PlantsFruit Bushes & Berry Plants
Fruit PlantsFruit Plants
Fruit Producing ShrubsFruit Producing Shrubs
Fruit TreesFruit Trees
Fruit VinesFruit Vines
Gift CertificatesGift Certificates
Grasses - OrnamentalGrasses - Ornamental
Groundcover RosesGroundcover Roses
Hedge Roses Hedge Roses
Ice PlantsIce Plants
Japanese Maple TreesJapanese Maple Trees
Knock Out Rose SeriesKnock Out Rose Series
Knock Out RosesKnock Out Roses
Low Maintenance RosesLow Maintenance Roses
New ArrivalsNew Arrivals
New Arrivlas In 2018New Arrivlas In 2018
October Magic Camellia SeriesOctober Magic Camellia Series
Perennial PlantsPerennial Plants
Royal Hawaiian Elephant Ears SeriesRoyal Hawaiian Elephant Ears Series
Sales and SpecialsSales and Specials
Southgate Rhododendron SeriesSouthgate Rhododendron Series
Specials On SaleSpecials On Sale
Terra Nova Plant CollectionTerra Nova Plant Collection
Toe Ticklers Groundcover SeriesToe Ticklers Groundcover Series
Japanese Maples - AllJapanese Maples - All